Your job

To communicate efficiently in a foreign language you will need a combination of hard work and regular practice. Sorry, but there are no miracles here. If you want to run a marathon you need to train before. I am here to coach you and guide you through the labyrinth of grammar, expressions and usage. Lessons will take place through Skype as it considerably increases the availability for both of us, and limits the necessity of commuting (thus the cost). You can have your lessons whenever and wherever you want.

My job

I offer an approach based on the practical use of language (talk, write, talk and more talk) which allows you to break the chains and lose the fear of speaking a foreign language. As you use it more it will become more natural and comfortable. We will however support the conversation with some inevitable grammar rules explained clearly.

Let me know your goals, your existing knowledge, and your availability and we will conceive a learning plan specifically adapted to you and your needs. Also, I offer the first lesson for free. So in case I turn out to be a terrible teacher, at least you aren’t loosing money 😉


1h – $CAD30
This includes: a personalised plan, all the materials, custom preparation for each lesson, checking your homework, and helpline whenever you need it.


French – All levels, grammar review, conversations.
Spanish – Beginner to intermediate, grammar review, conversations.
Polish – All levels, conversations.

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