Looking for an accurate translation? Looking for a genuine translation? Well, you are simply looking for a good quality translation? The bad news is that it’s not easy to find. The good news is that you are in the right place!
I offer translation services in four languages : Polish, English, French and Spanish.

What I can do for you

  • private and professional mail;
  • administrative mail;
  • websites;
  • booklets, flyers and other promotional material;
  • manuals, technical instructions;
  • products’ catalog;
  • all kind of reports;
  • resume and cover letter;
  • exposes, essays, presentations, etc.

I specialise in tourism, travel, finance, automotive industry, machinery, pets, trade, marketing, customer support and customer relations.


Standard translation
Small documents on general topics without any specialised jargon or specific terminology, destined to the general public.
First page (300 words) 30€
0,10€ per source word
Standard specialised translation
Documents that needs domain-specific knowledge and terminology but are destined to the general public.
Technical translation
Technical documents conceived by and destined to specialists in the domain, containing specialised jargon and terminology.
Urgent translations and holidays +20%

Do you need a personalised quote? Contact me directly!